If you are looking for kids-friendly drones, here 10 best choices drones for children is for you. These few drones are even designed to make it safer when they are operated directly by the kids. What are these products? Lets scroll to check it.

  1. Air Hogs Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens Remote Control Ultimate Millennium Falcon Quad
Star Wars Speeder Bike Remote Controlled Drone
Star Wars Speeder Bike Remote Controlled Drone, Photo : Air Hogs

From the name only, you must know how the product looks like. With a Star Wars theme, it is doesn’t only look modern and futuristic but also very unique. The drone is also recommended for beginners including for kids. It is very easy to fly by using a button only. Even if you have no experience with drones at all, you can fly it up to 200 meters. The most fascinating parts about the drone are the LED lamp applied and the Star Wars sound effect, making children love it even more.

  1. Syma 2.4GHZ X5C Quadcopter HD Camera

If you are looking for a drone for kids that are quite affordable but still with an HD camera, the product from Syma is a good choice. The drone features a 3D mode so that you can use the basic control mode in the beginning. Sure, you can set it up for the kids. Meanwhile, if you have been good enough in handling a drone, choose the Advance mode.

  1. UDI RC U27

The third recommendation is from UD, it is UDI RC U27 that is indeed intended for beginners. Interestingly, it is still fun to operate by the professionals anyway. There are 3 modes available so that beginners can learn about how to use the drone based on their abilities. For beginners and kids, the first drone is recommended as it features maximum stability when the device flies. If improve the ability by applying the second mode while the third mode is recommended only for them who have been really skillful and experienced in flying drones.

    DJI RYZE TELLO, Photo by DJI Store

It seems better to have a mini drone for kids. Its small size and lightweight tend to be safer to fly without worrying about it being crashed or damaged. Yes, this drone is only around 80 grams while the price is also very friendly. It features some modes in which the first mode is intended for kids and beginners to play. Sure, if you have been good at it, set it up into the higher mode for a better experience in using drones.

  1. Hubsan H502S X4

Hubsan H502S X4 is a type of outdoor drones with a wide range. So, in general, the product is designed for professionals. But similar to some other products mentioned above, it features a mode that is purposed for beginners. Sure, it is possible for kids to learn how to fly a drone by applying the mode first. The product is also very lightweight, only around 155 grams, making it flexible to carry around. Additionally, it has been supported with a GPS feature to help you operate it even more.

  1. Nikko Air DRL Race Vision 220 FPV Pro
Nikko Air DRL Race Vision 220 FPV Pro
Nikko Air DRL Race Vision 220 FPV Pro, Photo : Nikko Air

The drone is actually designed for racing. Well, you must know it well that in some places drone racing is widely held with great prizes for the winner. But although the main purpose is that way, it doesn’t mean that Nikko Air DRL Race Vision FPV is not good enough for photography. The product still has many features to improve photos and videos quality. Meanwhile, there is a mode that is recommended for kids and beginners also. Unfortunately, the product is heavy enough, around 2.180 grams although it features high speed.

  1. Parrot Swing Quadcopter and Plane Minidrone

Although it is so-called a mini drone, the size is not completely mini anyway. Yes, it is quite slim with a unique design. The producer claims that such a design enables the drone to makes more maneuvers in the air better. So, for kids and beginners who want to learn about how to make maneuvers using a drone, this product is a good choice. But because the size is quite big, it is heavy enough, around 1,500 grams. Parrot Swing Drone is not bad for kids but it seems better if parents still watching over it.

  1. Air & Round Dual-Mode Flying Car H23

The drone is named as a flying car. Yes, it is because you can operate it by running it first just like playing a racing car. There are 2 main modes in terms of how to move it; they are land and flying modes. With this product, it is free for you to capture pictures with more various perspectives. In general, the drone is still relatively kids-friendly although it is actually intended for adults and professionals. How to operate it is also very easy as there is One-key-return feature that enables it to be back to the starting location automatically.

  1. FPV Real-Time

The next drone that is purposed for professionals but okay for kids and beginners is FPV Real-Time. The drone has some great features that enable you to bring precision results without any time difference at all. Meanwhile, photos and videos are also anti-blur as it can fly in a very stable way with the 6-axis gyro feature. The propellers are protected and it makes the product is safer for non-experienced users. Indeed, you need to spend more money to get it and it is worth it.

  1. Foldable Pocket Drone

If your budgets are limited but needing a drone for necessities, this product is a good solution. It has some smart features like 3D flips and roll, headless mode, LED light, and more. Interestingly, the drone is very easy to operate even if you are not experienced enough. For picture and video results, it is not as good as some other products mentioned above. But more importantly, it is super-friendly for kids.