It is regarded to be the best or worst one in which it is not regardless of attendance. If you don’t know if you can’t determine the best gaming consoles to play. You can play those best consoles on your personal computer. These are some choices of those gaming consoles.

1. Spelunky 2
This gaming console has a genre of action and roguelike in which it is suitable for personal computers or PS4. The developer of this game is Blitworks Mossmouth. It is a sequel of Spelunky 1 game being an open-source game though it is finally remade to be a commercial game. Spelunky 2 is still to be a platformer 2D action game and has a style of cute cartoon-like Indiana Jones. The main thing making this game special is a roguelike concept taking an important role. Besides, it has a similar difficulty level like Dark Souls games but it is a different genre scale. With the full layout and some randomization, Spelunky 2 also brings some improvisations from the previous series. The features to play for multiplayer can still be an option to have fun.

2. Ghostrunner
The developer of this game is One More Level. It is suitable for personal computers, Switch, Xbox One, and PS$. The genre of this gaming console is action. Cyberpunk in the Ninja version seems to be more suitable to describe the presence of Ghostrunner. However, it is not an RPG but it is a first-person game full of parkour. Ghostrunner successfully brings success to the concept. It is not only a fast-playing tempo but it also offers the difficulty levels to force the players to act git gud through one hit one kill.

3. Risk of Rain 2
Risk of Rain 2 becomes one of the best gaming consoles that you should play. The developer of this game is Hopoo Games with the platform of the personal computer, PS4, Switch, and Xbox It brings an evolution format from 2D gameplay to 3D causing the worries for this action and shooter game. However, this game is finally successful to keep it away by giving the best roguelike experience that you won’t be unforgettable. The joy of this game is about the messy potential on your screen. With a survival mode, you can make the games more extreme. Moreover, it has a hero based concept and exploration that will always look addictive to run. This game is famous for giving some amazing modifiers to explore in single-player or multiplayer.

4. Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time
The developer of this game is Toys for Bob. It is suitable for PS4 and Xbox One. It has an action genre. This new series was released in 2o2o. It offers the great quality of the best gaming consoles from the previous series in PS1. It has a fresh level theme in which many reviews praise it for some innovations of the presented gameplay. It has an extra mechanism in gameplay like manipulating time or changing the gravitation.


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