• Exercise Regularly and Consistently
    Keeping the body moving and active by exercising is not only beneficial for physical health but also mental health. Starts from basic workouts at home and moves up gradually and consistently.
  • Never Forget Me Time
    The older people get, they tend to forget the importance of my time. So, find a couple of things to do during my time to stay in the best shape and state of body and soul.
  • Do Not Blame
    Blaming on anything is never a good thing to do. More importantly, it will not bring happiness at all. Starting from now, avoid blaming things and others for any reason to always be happy.
  • Quality Times
    A lot of people have been focusing too hard on things outside their personal life. Yet, spending quality time with loved ones at home turns out to be a great boost for a good happy life.
  • Laugh a Lot
    Many things could make anyone laugh. Do not forget to always find those things to laugh a lot every day. More laughter means a better life in terms of happiness and health.