Snapchat is one of the most fun apps you can use on our phone right now. In this article, we will show you how to use Snapchat on iPhone and Android phones. Also, today you can use it like a pro even if this might be your first time using this app.

Snapchat in a nutshell
Snapchat is simply a messaging app. The amazing things about this app include the ability to exchange pictures and videos – which later are called snaps – that will disappear after the recipients view them.

Essentially, the app is used for taking pictures or videos. Thus, this app was initially advertised as a new type of camera.

You can add filters, effects, or lenses before sharing your pictures or videos with friends. Here we will show you things about how to use Snapchat on iPhone.

The interface
Before jumping on a more specific topic, we need to check out the interface. The first major redesign was in 2017.

However, in early 2018, many users were upset with the new look and features of the interface. While the CEO claimed that the change was permanent, more than 1.25 million signatures pushed the Snapchat to redesign the redesigned interface.

Today, Snapchat looks like how the app was initially launched. The only difference is only on the visualization. When you get new content and you didn’t open it yet, a yellow dot will appear next to it.

Your content can be found under the profile page. The icon on the top left corner on the home screen is where you can find the profile page. By tapping the Bitmoji, you will find your story posts and add friends.

Snapchat messaging
1. Taking and recording snaps
Generally, you just need to tap for shooting pictures and hold to record videos. You can access these features on the main screen of Snapchat.

How to use Snapchat on Android is also the same. All you need is to tap the big circle, just like how you take pictures by using your phone’s camera.

2. Save your shots
Find an icon to the right of the timer icon and you can use it to take your shots to your phone’s gallery. In case you want to save your snaps, you just need to tap this icon. You cannot save your snaps after sending them since they will disappear once your friend has seen it.

3. Limiting the picture durations
Go to the lower-left screen and find a stopwatch-like icon on it. Tapping the icon allows you to set when your snaps can be viewed by your friends. The duration starts from one second to 10 seconds.

4. Making a caption
Making captions are easy. By tapping the middle of your snap, you can add text on top of your picture or video. After writing the caption, you can move it as you like, zoom, pinch, and everything until it matches your expectation.

Keep in mind that you can zoom or pinch the caption after setting the font a bit bigger by tapping the T icon. If you tap the icon the upper-right corner, you can draw or handwrite on the picture by using various colors.

5. Sending snaps
Finally, you need to send your snaps. Find an arrow icon on the lower right of your screen to send your snaps. Tap your friends that you want to receive the snaps before tapping the arrow icon.

Snapchat extra fonts
How to use Snapchat on iPhone like a pro is not that hard. You can also check the extra fonts of Snapchat but this one can only be used by Android users.

The extra fonts are useful to decorate your snaps. All you need to do is to tap the T icon at the top area of your screen.

Later, a menu pops up above your keyboard where you can find a pack of fonts to choose from. The options can be found by scrolling left and right on your screen.
On the other hand, iPhone users still wait for this feature.

Snapchat filters
Using filters is one of the most fun things you can do with Snapchat. After taking a picture, you can swipe left or right to add your desired virtual filter. This allows you to change the quality or temperature of your photo.

Animated filters
Animated filters are the other thing you need to try with Snapchat. When you take a selfie, tap your face on the screen and a series of filters will appear on the screen.

Pick the one you like and create an outstanding snap with it. If you are an iPhone X user, you can take advantage of its TrueDepth camera. The accuracy of the filter is outstandingly improved and will look more realistic.

And this is anything you need to know about how to use Snapchat on iPhone and Android like a pro.


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